Project your Present to the Future


Project your Present to the Future — Konstantin Korotkov, Dr., Professor

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the ‘present’.”

We live in the twenty-first century, but we do not fully understand what it means. Most people are involved in their everyday activity and they do not feel the wind of changes. Every day we hear the news of natural catastrophes all over the world: earthquake in Japan and New Zealand, floods in USA and Australia, avalanche of gale-force blizzards over USA East Coast and unusually hot summers in Russia, the hottest in 1,000 years of history. At least 100,000 people died from earthquakes, floods and heat phenomenon. In Pakistan, record monsoon rains destroyed infrastructure, left thousands dead and millions homeless. Wildfires erupted across the countries, heavily damaging wheat crops and forcing Moscow to impose an export ban that raised global wheat prices. While diplomats and scientists pondered over an accord that could replace the Kyoto Protocol, 19 nations were experiencing unusually high temperatures, including 53.5 degrees Celsius in Pakistan, the hottest ever in Asia. The 2012 Mayan Prophesy is coming true – world is coming to an end!!!

But is it really so? Should people all over the world stop their activity, close their shops and offices and wrap up in white blankets preparing for the coming Armageddon? Of course not! We do have many problems all over the world, but Life is going on.

Life is going on!
Together with the Sun, Earth is furiously moving through space and time. In different parts of Cosmos, we are passing through areas of huge energies and eternal Cosmic Rays. Our Earth climate is the reflection of Sun activity, which in turn responds to the cosmic environment. In our millennium, we are spinning pass through the same areas of Cosmos again and again. And now, based on our observations, we may detect only short natural cycles (11 years, 55 years, 110 years), but it is clear that these cycles are of much longer range. So we ARE in the cycle of transformation in which we have been living since the end of the twentieth century. Our Earth’s climate and human civilization are experiencing this tremendous transformation.
All attempts to make long-ranged forecasts of weather and future are doomed to failure. Who could have predicted the abrupt crash of powerful Soviet Empire – the Empire of Evil? Who would believe by the end of the twentieth century the USA would be led by an African-American? We do not know what will be in the next decades, let alone to predict the end of twenty-first century. Only one thing is clear. We are living in the Times of Change. For Russian people this is a normal state of affairs. From the beginning of nineteenth century, we have experienced one transformation after another. For the rest of the world this is still implicit – but it is coming!

We can name quite a few symptoms of upcoming changes:

• Transformation from the Material to the Informational World. The prices of everyday commodities are reducing and, in principle, even now it possible to use a lot of disposable, single-use items, like underwear, closing, tableware, etc. Naturally, we may feel attachment to our dresses and table plates. They create an important part of our cozy environment. But in Informational World we easily upgrade software and buy new programs – better than previous ones. And more and more people all over the world spend time with their laptops and iPads, which opens up the World Without Boundaries.

• Transformation from linear thinking to a more complex one. Development of modern mathematics and physics long ago has led to them surpassing the boundaries of the medieval vision of reality. Whilst in social sciences, biology and medicine we are still trapped within the old model. Application of non-linear, complex, quantum approaches to modern science and life is an essential goal. We are at the threshold of the great renovation of the Western Scientific Paradigm – new Scientific Revolution.

• Transformation from the Oil Age to the Sun Age. In our civilization we are totally dependent on oil and oil money governs the world. But now we understand how damaging this is both for the Nature and for our health and our pockets. Nowadays we have technologies which allow getting energy from the sun and running cars on water, but development of these technologies is restricted by Big Money. The next step is to get an unlimited energy from the vacuum. Slowly but surely, it is coming. So let’s see what would be the reality by the end of twenty-first century.

• Transformation of the interest in consciousness from sneering curiosity to scientific exploration. Fifteen years ago, the study of consciousness was considered as something between psychiatry and metaphysics. Now it is a serious branch of science. Creation of new quantum instruments allowed scientists to study the operations of the brain in real time and to get deeper understanding of mind-body interconnections. Understanding of consciousness, as a pivotal factor in world safety, civilization development and individual health, is growing in the society.

• Transformation from pharmaceutical medicine to holistic, integrative and quantum medicine. Tremendous achievements in modern medicine has greatly increased in longevity in developed countries; mass implementation of heart, liver and cochlear implants; In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and a many other modern developments. At the same time, there has been a demonstration of the weak points of modern medicine. Huge increases in cancer, heart and brain problems and onset of the supposed disease of the aged, senility, affecting people at a much younger age. These all suggest that we lack some important elements in supporting people’s health and well-being. These elements would allow us to move from curing diseases to preventing them, from a Medicine of Illness to Medicine of Health. Not treatment, but prevention; not medications, but healthy lifestyle. In principle, for life we need:

                               Sun, Water and  Air

But we need a lot of Sun, good structured water and fresh air. And, of course, we need a supervision by clever well-educated doctors, who would guide us in life, taking care of our problems, providing us with proper nutrition, consulting us in the ways of life, food and movement. Some of these tasks would be taken by intellectual machinery, operating in “clouds”, but the last world would be doctor’s, who would keep your records in a database and would supervise you from conception to maturity.

As you see, we are facing a great times ahead. Humankind has entered a new phase of its development, and we may only guess what wonders we would see even in our time-span. But a lot depends on our own attitude to our life and our future. We may participate in creating a new step, or we may just spend time without any understanding of what is going on around.

Your future depends on you now!!!

With your conscious attitude you may recreate your own life and contribute to the development of Humankind.
Be aware of the power of your mind, do not be afraid to use it in everyday activity, accept your life as a precious gift, as a present from God, as a unique adventure, and project your positive thoughts and visions to the future. Your Angels would bring you everything you want, but you need to formulate your wishes, and make it clear and precise. This is our destiny as humans, and I believe that we are only entering into a Shinning New World.

This book is written by my good friend, whom I know for more than 10 years. And every meeting for us is a time for celebrations, jokes, smiles and … scientific discoveries. Every time we are doing experiments, and with a lot of equipment we may see people’s transformation under the influence of Christos’ energy, we may document structurization of Space in his presence, and all these effects give us new understanding of Life, Science and the way of transformation from personal evolution to global transformation in the XXIst century.

When there is a consciousness revolution, there is also an exponential growth in people’s awareness regarding their day-to-day thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. That’s how we change the world.

Konstantin Korotkov, Dr., Professor

St. Petersburg, 2012


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