Theory of physical structures


Theory of physical structures

Extracts from some of the reports on research of system adapters, developed by BLAGA

Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Yakutsk)
The Translighters first and foremost activates rather selectively anti-toxic function of enzymes. The Translighters makes normalizing influence on very complicated structural-functional systems of human blood cells (leucocytes).To these systems there are referred systems with very broad structural variety or systems including poly-enzyme complexes (systems with variable matrix biosyntheses to which replication – the process of cellular division – must not be referred to).

N-monoamineoxidase (NMAO) possess a high structural variety – changing of activity is from 1.5 to 9.8 times;
systems of translation (protein synthesis; poly-enzyme information-transforming complex) – changing of activity is 2.0-4.3 times;
reparation systems (correcting of mutations) of DNA (possess both iso-enzyme variety and poly-enzyme ability) – changing of activity is 2.6-4.0 times.
The normalizing effect of the Translighters presented itself most expressively in changing the most integral coefficients, characterizing the two main properties of all the aggregate of cellular biochemical systems – stability and productivity of the cell genetic apparatus.

The research made demonstrates the immune-normalizing function of the Translighter. This fact is the most essential in preventive measures and medical treatment of not only infection diseases but also the illnesses with activation of auto-immune processes in their pathogenesis (chronic obstructive bronchitis and asthma, hepatitis, addictions, oncological pathologies, predispositions to endocrine disorders, stresses and many others).

Rostov-on-Don Oncological Institute
The Laboratory of Biophysics
The comparison of the blood parameters before and after the use of the Translighter Super testified to forming the stable reaction of activation without signs of strain. Changing of the percentage of lymphocytes was within the limits usual for calm and raised activation. There were observed discrete transpositions from raised activation (34.5% of lymphocytes, 5% of monocytes) into calm (29.5% of lymphocytes, 5% of monocytes) or lowering the level of lymphocytes from 42 % to 36.5% within the limits of raised activation. The normalizing influence of the device is confirmed also by the fact that the raised level of eosynophyles became lower.

The Laboratory METTEM
The content of iron at the initial value equal to 10 of limited acceptable concentration and pollution of water by microorganisms after the influence of the device decrease to 25-35 % and 35-40% respectively.

Kuban State Agriculture University, All-Russian Research Institute of Oil – Bearing Crops (Krasnodar)
The laboratory research of the influence of the device Translighter Super on the efficiency of processing of the seeds of winter wheat, sunflower demonstrated that the device positively affects increasing the length of the sprout and root (up to 30-50%).

PLC Kaleidoscope of windows
Elimination of spatial structural distortions using the technology of LIC (the product the Translighter — Windows) significantly improves the conditions of information exchange between people and the environment, which is realized in qualitative improvement of the kirlianograms. The suggested technology can be used for treatment of accommodations and premises.

The enterprise 7 TMP (Moscow)
The tests were made on 17 automobiles (Volga-6 cars, Lada (Zhiguli) – 4 cars, Moscvitch -1 car, UAZ -1 vehicle, Gazel – 5 vehicles). To demonstrate the influence of motor state on dynamics of lowering the CO and CH rates there were chosen vehicles without special preliminary regulations and adjustment.

The results of the tests are as follows:
Lowering of toxicity of exhaust gases in all the vehicles by CO and CH was 2-10 times depending on their state. In the drivers’ opinions in the very first days after the “automobile tablet” had been fixed the dynamic characteristics of the automobiles improved (startability, capacity); the noise of the motors

reduced; after 2-3 weeks fuel expenditure decreased though special measuring of fuel use were not taken.
By changing of CO and CH rates there were revealed the vehicles in which adjustment of the motor was not correct (carburetor, ignition, valves); this fact was proven in the study of the automobiles. Elimination of the discovered drawbacks in adjustment of these vehicles allowed to reduce additionally the toxicity of the exhaust. Thus, the demand of the instruction to fix the device in the automobile with the necessary regulations made before using

Transligter Econorm was practically confirmed.
Cases of negative influence of the device on characteristics of the tested vehicles were not marked.
Conclusion: the received statistical reliable data allow to claim that the “automobile tablet” is the device for essential reducing the toxicity (2-10 times) of the exhaust car gases and it may be recommended for using it in automobiles.

The enterprise Kirovgradmezhraigas
The object of testing: an automobile VAZ 21043 . The year of issue 1996, the run is 92120 km.
Results of tests:
After the measurement 13.02 the carburetor was regulated to CO=1.5%.


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