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Water Research

About Hydro Dynamization, Information and Life
Herbert J. Klima *, * Academy of holistic culture, Vienna **

Alexander Steinke EL-Technologie GmbH
„What today still as true is known,
May tomorrow as wrongful be shown.”

1. Introduction
The “Dynamization of water, “ or “Hydro Dynamization, “ is a physical type of water treatment, which takes place in a “Dynamization machine”. The liquid-crystalline and therewith geometrically describable cluster structure of the water is affected physically by mechanically generated vortex flows and weak magnetic fields. The water receives defined information: It is being dynamized.

This on first glance complicated presentation of the “Dynamization of water” is made comprehensible, when we explain the used terms. Every language uses technical words with a certain meaning; daily, we use several of them, but rarely think about their meaning and their correlation in a sentence.
To put it simple up front: “Dynamized water” has characteristics, which resemble those of natural spring water. But what are these characteristics of natural spring water? We now want to bring these characteristics into connection with the term order: Then, one can not only understand them but even prove them mathematically.

2. What does mathematics mean?
What does the term mathematics mean? In Greek, mathema or µa.eµaµ means science, apprenticeship, and learning. Mathematics can therefore be considered as the art of learning. a.eµaµ also contains theme or .eµa, the law, and therewith spirituality and the divine. In all cultures, also in the high civilizations of the Babylonians, the Egyptians and the Greek, from which the spiritual and therewith the law arose, the divine played a central role. In this regard mathematics, which originally was a creation of the Babylonians, cannot be separated from divine punditry. Following it was adapted especially by Greek philosophers (Thales, Pythagoras, Platon), and further developed and cultivated by the great antique mathematicians in Alexandria (Euklid, Heron, Archimedes).

The polar counterpart, the complement, of µa.eµa or the spirit is matter, which was mainly favored as fundamental by Greek materialists (Leukipp, Demokrit, and Aristoteles). Famous became the so-called platonic triangle, which at the base carries the terms “spirit” and “matter” – and at the head the “divine” as “platonic ideas”. As the wise scholastic Petrus Abaelard put it in such wonderful way: “The platonic ideas are considered god’s creative thoughts before the object (the matter), within the object as similarities of their characteristics and after the object as abstract terms.”

For that reason the purpose of a fulfilled life could be to overcome these polarities of “spirit” and “matter” and to return to unity or the whole, to the head of the platonic triangle: to the divine and its cosmic reason as it prevails as the logical truth in mathematics and geometry. But what is the term geometry? In Greek “.e.s” means earth and “µet..s” measure. So there is a divine earth measure in the nature of geometry. What behaves geometrically has therefore to do a lot with regularity and order as it is ideally realized in the five platonic bodies as regular polyhedral (tetrahedrons, hexahedrons, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, icosahedrons).

3. About energy and the conversion of its forms
The link between the “spirit,” which represents the eternal cosmic laws, and the “matter”, whose nature is change, is energy. On one side energy has a part in eternity, since it is bound by the most important conservation law of physics, and, on the other hand it is part of change, since it can change from one form to the other (nuclear energy, solar energy, electromagnetic energy, bio-energy, mechanical energy, thermal energy, etc.). Here, for the direction of the conversion of energy an important cosmic principle applies: The principle of maximal entropy, also called the principle of death. By this principle the conversion of the different forms of energy always occurs in closed systems in the direction of increasing disorder, at which end is thermal energy and from a biological point of view, death. When thermal energy is supplied to a substance or crystallized matter – for example a water crystal – the crystal liquidizes at a certain melting temperature: the orderliness of the crystal is lost; the disorder of the substance grows. When vice versa liquid matter solidifies and crystallizes, a conversion in the reverse order occurs, namely in the direction of increasing order, as can be seen in the following picture of a beautiful water crystal.

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